"I never thought I needed a doula, and had originally asked her to be there as a friend, but I was wrong-I needed the support, and it took a lot of pressure off my husband to do everything at the birth alone. I am so thankful [my doula] was there at both of my births."

— Mom of 4


"I knew that my husband and I would benefit from the services [a doula] could offer, but it took a little convincing to get my husband to agree. After getting together a few times before the delivery …, my husband was totally on board with the idea of a doula! [She] had lots of helpful information and handouts for us and through our discussions was able to understand the kind of delivery experience we were hoping for. She was easy to get ahold of when we had questions and we could tell that she genuinely cared about us having the best experience possible."

— Sarah


"She has a wealth of knowledge and if she wasn't able to answer a question she would find out the answer and get back to us. My husband was extremely happy we hired her and can't imagine going through it without a doula. Highly, highly recommend a doula!"

— Stephanie